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Prof. Dr. H. Lalu Husni
Prof. Dr. H. Lalu HusniAdvisory board
Professor Lalu Husni was born in 1962. He accomplished his bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Law University of Mataram. In 1996 he got his master’s degree from Airlangga University then a doctorate degree from the University of Brawijaya in 2010. He has been elected as the rector of University of Mataram since 2018. His research of interests is labour law and industrial relations. Husni has published some books and international journals related to labour law and industrial relations.
Dr. Saipul Hamdi
Dr. Saipul HamdiDirector
Saipul Hamdi is a senior lecturer in Sociology Department Universitas Mataram, Lombok, Indonesia. He is currently appointed as the director of Study Center for Islamic Culture and Society (ICS) in the University of Mataram. He earned his PhD degree in the field of study Religion and Cross-Cultural Studies Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta Indonesia. His research interest focuses on Islamism and radicalism, local politics, transnational movement including Tablighi Jamaat, Salafism and Wahhabism, social conflict and violence, and religious organization of Nahdlatul Wathan. Email address shamdi@unram.ac.id.
Mahmuluddin, M.Sc
Mahmuluddin, M.ScVice-Director
Mahmuluddin joined the University of Mataram in 2006 as a student of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education. After completing an MSc in International Relations at the University of Aberdeen UK, he has been posted as a lecturer in the Department of International Relations at the University of Mataram. His research and teaching focus on international security, human security, terrorism, state terrorism, political violence, and human rights. Email address mahmuludin@unram.ac.id.
M. Zaki Pahrul Hadi, M.Pd
M. Zaki Pahrul Hadi, M.PdSecretary
M. Zaki Pahrul Hadi is a lecturer on English language and linguistics. He completed his master degree in Linguistics program at Semarang State University, Semarang, Indonesia. He established ETRA, a private English Institute located in Mataram, Lombok to empower the local student in Lombok to master English. His research focuses on education, language, and Sasak culture. Email address zakipahrulhadi@gmail.com.
M. Zainul Firdaus, M.Pd
M. Zainul Firdaus, M.PdPublic Relation and Networking
M Zainul Firdaus is a researcher in the field of culture, especially focusing on education and ethnomathematics. He completed his Masters degree at the Surabaya State University graduate in Mathematics Education. Become a team member in researching the Sasak calendar that is transformed in the Rowot (Rowot Rontal) calendar. Exploring the field of culture together with Majelis Adat Sasak (MAS), one of the institutions that has high credibility in the management of the Sasak tribe culture.
Azhari Evendi, MA
Azhari Evendi, MACoordinator for training and seminar
Azhari Evendi was born in 1984 in Nenggung Barat, Paok Motong, East Lombok. He is currently a lecturer in Sociology Departement Universitas Mataram. He completed his undergraduate in Sociology program Jember University and earned his master degree in the same discipline at the Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta. His research focuses on the sociology of culture, the sociology of tourism, and social changes. Email address azharievendi@unram.ac.id.
Maya Atri Komalasari, MA
Maya Atri Komalasari, MAMedia and Publication Coordinator
Maya Atri Komalasari was born in Wonogiri June 22, 1990. She completed her undergraduate in Sociology Department, Universitas Sebelas Maret and continued to master degree in the same discipline in Gadjah Mada University. In 2018 she appointed as a permanent lecturer in Sociology Department Universitas Mataram, Lombok Indonesia. Her research interest focuses on social capital, family and social economy, industry and social changes, civic education and children.

Hafizah Awalia, M.Sosio
Hafizah Awalia, M.SosioTreasurer and research coordinator
Hafizah Awalia was born in 1992 and grow up in Taliwang Sumbawa island. Her undergraduate degree concerns on Educational Pancasila and Citizenship, while her master program was in Sociology Department Universitas Airlangga Surabaya. Her research interest focuses on Postmodern phenomena, Cyberspace and Cybercommunity. Email address hafizahawalia030392@gmail.com.
Muh. Ardian Wahyudi, S.Kom, M.Pd
Muh. Ardian Wahyudi, S.Kom, M.PdMedia and Publication Coordinator
Muh. Ardian Wahyudi completed his undergraduate program in the field of Computer and Technic Information of AKAKOM Yogyakarta. He continues to take his master in Vocational ICT at the State University of Yogyakarta. Now he worked as the technician in Pustik Universitas Mataram.
Dr. Bianca J. Smith
Dr. Bianca J. SmithVisiting Scholar and Senior Research Collaborator
Dr. Bianca J. Smith is currently a visiting scholar and senior research collaborator in the Centre for Islamic Culture and Society at University of Mataram. Bianca regularly gives public lectures at universities across Indonesia & facilitates training in academic writing and research methodology. Bianca has a Ph.D. in Anthropology from Monash University specialising in gender and local forms of Sufi spirituality and has received several prestigious awards for research in Asia. She has been professionally engaged with Indonesia for more than fifteen years working as a field anthropologist and academic in universities and communities in Java, Lombok and Kalimantan Borneo. She is co-editor of Gender and Power in Indonesian Islam: Leaders, Feminists, Sufis and Pesantren Selves (Routledge 2014) and Indonesian Islam in a New Era: How Women Negotiate their Muslim Identities (Monash University Press 2008). Her ethnographic articles have been published in academic journals including The Australian Journal of Anthropology, Anthropological Forum, Journal of International Women’s Studies, Indonesia and the Malay World, and the Australian Journal of International Affairs.
Bianca also facilitates ethno-immersions and workshops for women in sacred feminine mysticism and Sufi-shamanism in Java, Lombok and Australia.



Arif Nasrullah, M.Hum
Arif Nasrullah, M.HumResearch Coordinator
Arif Nasrullah was born in Medan in 1987. He earned a bachelor degree in Islamic theology (Ushuluddin) of the Quranic speciality from Al Azhar University Cairo, Egypt. He took a similar program for his master degree in the State Islamic University of Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta under concentration Study of Religion and Conflict Resolution in 2012. Now he teaches in the Sociology department Universitas Mataram, Lombok Nusa Tenggara Barat and was appointed as a research coordinator in the Study Center for Islamic Culture and Society (ICS). His research interest focuses on the relationship among religions, and the socio-religious issue. Email address arif.nasrullah@unram.ac.id